[Recipes] Spaghetti Carbonara

[Recipes] Spaghetti Carbonara

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Do you know that Carbonara is hailed as one of the essences of Italian culture? This unique pasta dish is very simple to prepare and suitable to delight any palate.

Our recipe by Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford promises a hassle-free cooking experience with this beautiful meat at the comfort of home.

This recipe serves 2.

400gm of your favourite type of Pasta
150gm Bacon (for dish)
150gm Bacon (for garnish)
250ml Cream
100gm Parmesan Cheese (for dish)
100gm Parmesan Cheese (for garnish)
4 piece Egg Yolk
Olive Oil
Salt (to taste)


1. Boil water with salt for cooking pasta.
2. Place 150gm bacon strips in a low heat pan and let the bacon became crispy chips by turning once in a item.
3. Heat up bacon in a pan at medium high heat till crispy. Set aside for later use. 4. In a mixing bowl, combine cream, egg yolks, parmesan cheese and set aside.
5. Blanch pasta in salted water till desired texture and transfer to pan with bacon. On medium heat, keep tossing pasta and fold in egg mixture until it starts to thicken.
6. Transfer to a plate and garnish with additional bacon chips, egg yolk or parmesan cheese to your liking. Serve immediately.

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