[Recipe] Scrambled Eggs with Kaluga Queen Schrencki Caviar

[Recipe] Scrambled Eggs with Kaluga Queen Schrencki Caviar

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Surprise your sweetheart with a beautiful and intimate meal, made with love and care this Valentine's Day! 

Serves 2


4 Fresh Chicken Eggs

2 Egg Yolk

60g, ELLE & VIRE Cream UHT


Olive Oil

10g Chives, chopped 

Black Pepper, freshly grind to taste

Sea Salt, to taste  


30g Kaluga Queen Schrencki Caviar

Sourdough Bread, sliced & toasted 

Preparation Method:

1. Whip the cream until semi stiff peaks are formed. Add salt, chopped chives and fold gently with a rubber spatula. Set aside in the fridge. 

 2. In a bowl, mix 4 whole eggs with 2 egg yolks and salt to taste. Gently mix well with a whisk and set aside.

3. Put a little bit of olive oil in a pot, add the eggs to make scrambled eggs. 

4. Once desired consistency is achieved, remove slowly with a spatula.  

5. To assemble, put the scrambled eggs in a plate and a spoon of chives cream quenelle on the top. 

6. Finish off with the caviar and serve with toasted sourdough bread on the side.  

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