[Recipes] Impossible Meat Bolognaise Sauce & Prego Gnocchi

[Recipes] Impossible Meat Bolognaise Sauce & Prego Gnocchi

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Looking to cut back on meat consumption or making the transition to a vegetarian lifestyle? Our Impossible Meat Bolognaise Sauce & Prego Gnocchi is so satisfying and delicious that you won’t even notice that it’s meatless.

This recipe serves 2.

Olive oil
100gm Tomato paste
200g Cherry Tomato (cut in halves)
200gm Impossible Meat (minced)
1 pc Chili (sliced)
40gm Parmesan Cheese
200ml Vegetable Stock
1 sprig Basil
Black Pepper

1. Boil water with salt for cooking Gnocchi.
3. Heat sauté pan to medium high heat. Fry Impossible meat to golden brown, add in tomato paste, roast till slightly brown, add vegetable stock, then add in sliced chilli, cherry tomatoes. Bring to simmer and set aside.
4. Blanch gnocchi in salted water until they float to surface. Strain and transfer to simmered mixture. Sauté and season with salt, pepper and basil.
5. Transfer to a plate and garnish with parmesan and basil.

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