Introducing Fairmont Singapore's Assorted Snowskin Mooncakes, a resounding hit with a stunning selection of new flavours, such as Orange Whiskey, Matcha Pistachio, and Yuzu Pear.⁣
Handcrafted to perfection by our esteemed culinary team, these irresistibly pretty mooncakes are a memorable gift for loved ones and business associates.⁣
[New] 1x Orange Whiskey | 威士忌香橙冰皮月饼⁣'
[New] 1x Yuzu Pear | 柚子香梨冰皮月饼⁣
[New] 1x Matcha Pistachio | 抹茶开心果冰皮月饼⁣

1x Peach Passionfruit | 桃子百香果冰皮月饼⁣
1x Grape Soju | 葡萄烧酒冰皮月饼⁣
1x Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache | 香槟松露巧克力冰皮月饼⁣
1x Lychee Martini | 荔枝马提尼冰皮月饼⁣
1x Sea Salt Caramel | 海盐焦糖冰皮月饼⁣
Note: Contains alcohol⁣
For corporate or bulk orders, please contact us at: FairmontSingapore.Mooncakes@Fairmont.com⁣⁣
Images are for illustration only. Actual product/quantity may differ. All prices are inclusive of prevailing government taxes and exclude shipping.⁣

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