The new Assorted Mini Baked Mooncakes promise a sensorial delight. Choose from innovative, new flavours such as Mango Pomelo; Orh Nee with Pumpkin and Hojicha Latte. This exquisite selection is bound to satisfy even the most discerning palates.
[New] 3 x Mango Pomelo | 芒果柚子月饼⁣
[New] 3 x Orh Nee with Pumpkin | 芋头金瓜月饼⁣
[New] 3 x ⁣Hojicha Latte | 杏仁焙茶拿鐵月饼⁣
Note: Contains egg, gluten, nuts, dairy and soy⁣
For corporate or bulk orders, please contact us at: FairmontSingapore.Mooncakes@Fairmont.com⁣⁣
Images are for illustration only. Actual product/quantity may differ. All prices are inclusive of prevailing government taxes and exclude shipping.

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