2 hour slow-cooked pork knuckle with black mushrooms in premium oyster sauce by Chef Mok. 

Contains: Pork Knuckle, Garlic, Shallot, Ginger, Spring Onion, Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Rock Sugar, Star Anise, Sand Ginger, Cinnamon Stick, Herb Dang Gui, Bay Leaf, Szechuan Peppercorn, Soya Sauce, Dark Soya Sauce
Source: Szechuan Court Singapore

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About Szechuan Court
 Renowned for serving some of the finest Cantonese delicacies and other regional culinary delights, Szechuan Court’s new attentively crafted pop-up Canton Garden menu spotlights the latter cuisine giving tribute to time-honoured tradition through a modern lens. Impressively executed classic Cantonese dishes pay homage to Master Chef Mok Wan Lok’s Hong Kong heritage, while modern sensibilities are applied to their presentation with deft culinary theatrics and tableside finishes to complement the experience.

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